Avoid National Casualty Company and affiliates including Progressive and Esurance

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First of all, I notice that there is no category on your web site for insurance companies. There ought to be because, next to online banking, insurance is the biggest rip off there is. The unfortunate truth is if you own a car, a business or are buying a home, you have to have it.

The Federal Government is considering making all of us buy health insurance. Since insurance has become a requirement for so many vital things in life, the companies have become so fat and wealthy they are completely untouchable in the legal system. National Casualty Company canceled our commercial liability policy a little less than three years ago by putting false information in our claims history and other documents that are shared among others in the industry. The result is that we could not find affordable coverage anywhere. We then got an affordable quote from one of their "insurance partners" Progressive Insurance. They took our money and then dropped us a month later. It took a complaint to the regulatory agency for them to return only a token portion of the money (much less than a linear proration).

Progressive Insurance is one of eleven companies affiliated with National Casualty Company who is also affiliated with some of the largest commercial insurance providers in the industry. Well known names include but are not limited to Esurance, The Hartford, Travelers and Safeco. To get a complete list, type National Casualty Company into your browser.

A friend of mine also had Progressive Insurance and they auto-drafted their premiums from her bank account. One month, a glitch in their computer system caused them to fail to auto draft a payment. Immediately, without notice, her auto insurance was canceled, an alert was sent to law enforcement and she was pulled over twenty four minutes later while on her way to pick up her children from school and daycare and taken to jail.

It is best to try and find an insurance company who doesn't play these games, if such an animal still exists. It is getting harder and harder to find as they enjoy absolutely no accountability for their actions. Ask us. We tried to sue National Casualty Company, who has the full backing of the Nationwide Group. Our case got dismissed in District Court without going to trial. The case is now in the Court of Appeals and it is going to be dismissed on the basis of an order issued by a Deputy Clerk who is ignoring our a motion to reconsider a procedural order compelling us to comply with the District Court judge's decision to revoke In Forma Pauperis that was filed three months after our appeal was filed. The order issued by the same district court judge who dismissed our case without trial back in August of this year.

On $23,000 per year gross income for 2009, we stand less than $100 per month income over the ceiling for Leave to Proceed In Forma Pauperis. This means that a defendant with virtually unlimited financial resources can freeze us out of our access to the court system in such a way that we will never be heard.

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